Chief Executive Officer

Alan Pierce has lived in Indonesia for over seventeen years and on all three major islands. He has diverse experience within the construction industry, specifically infrastructure projects within Indonesia and Residential construction in the U.S..  Before Co-founding Ansuz Balder Magni, he was a Director of Revive Works Remodeling, an American based general contracting company as well as a Regional Director for the Sumatra branch of a national Infrastructure contractor, Murfa Surya Mahardika, responsible for overseeing the building of roads, ports and government buildings.  He oversaw all material logistics operations, procurement contracts, staffing and heavy machinery maintenance and purchase.






Chief Operating Officer  

Tre Farmer hails from a strong background in operations as she previously held position as Managing Partner of Revive Works Remodeling, a U.S. based General contractor and before that, COO of KBE, an Indonesian mining company that focused in Kalimantan.  She also has a great interest and extensive experience with Community Development and Community Outreach Programs.



Chief Business Development Officer

Matt Wilding with over 15 years in Indonesia, has extensive experience in the mining industry and while working with Pacific Bliss Holdings, he handled sales and logistics, investor relations, mine aqquisition and resales.  Prior to joining Ansuz Balder Magni, he managed strategic planning for mine startups, mine security, dispute resolution and windows/exits for PT Matra Adhiraya.  




Chief Investment Officer

Imam Sulisto before joining ABM as Chief Investment Officer, has held executive positions for VIVA and SCICOM Indonesia on a national scale and possesses over 14 years of all aspects of business development.  




Iwan Suparman

Chief of Land Development and External Relations  

Iwan Suparman, as our Head of Land Development and External Relations is uniquely qualified as he has lived in the epicenter of indonesian Tourism, Bali, for almost two decades.  He spent many years working with Elite Havens, the Indonesian partner of Knight Frank.  Iwan is an expert on Land Acquisition, land zoning, building regulations and real estate sales.  He has an extensive network within the real estate industry throughout Jakarta, Bali and Singapore. 




Finance Manager  

Azan Tengku, before joining ABM Quarry as a Finance Manager, had accrued close to a decade of experience in the field of finance, leading Bloomberg offices and tasked specifically with developing and increasing Bloomberg’s presence globally. He is also the owner of Bintan Private Island Inc