Rock Quarrries

  • Stage 1 : Exploration and evaluation

    1.Sourcing Clean and Clear Mines 

    2.Collect all Necessary Legal Permits Documents  

3.Execute Market pricing survey and build financial Modeling Data and Profit Projections      

4. Execute Due Diligence  site visit with our Quarry Operations Experts to assess potential logistic issues such as, but not limited to:

A. Hauling road access and distance from main road B. Main road to drop off location or to dedicated Jetty C. Jetty to drop off location.              

 5. Conduct Expert Desktop Assessment with Operator, Aggregate Sales Team and Legal Team


6. Creating Necessary Contracts:  

A. Aggregate Development and Marketing B.  Joint Venture or Mine Acquisition agreement C. Trucking and Barge  Contracts D. Purchase Orders 


Stage 2: Development

1.Coordinate payment of all stakeholders and ensure operation startup.

2.Build necessary infrastructure for hauling road and onsite staff

3.Prepare security team

4.Oversee purchase or lease of all necessary equipment

5.Provide a dedicated community liason to strengthen community relations

6.Full Detail  Of  Site Plan and Mine Engineering

7. Design our Green Learning center as a way to involve community in a a sustainable and impactful way


  • Stage 3: Production, Extraction and sale of minerals

1.Oversee all administrative and tax payment duties

2.Prepare all  all quarterly reports and dividend payments

3.Ensure high efficiency production

4.Procure long term buyers

5.Oversee quality control and delivery operations

6.Provide profit projections

7.Supply liason to communicate with all local stakeholders

8.Oversee Corporate social responsibility program 



  • Stage 4: Reclamation

1.Final reclamation and Closure

2.Periodic monitoring